Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Viewfinder "EPonymous"

Viewfinder "EPonymous"
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            Well, it finally happened.  My downloads for music reviews got so out of control that I had to make some sort of change.   If you notice that I’ve been putting in the links and prices now for music from Band Camp, it’s because I’ve been streaming it to review instead of downloading it.   Yes, even if it is a free download I’m opting to save the computer space and limit myself to the [censorednumber] albums I currently have downloaded to review.  

            With all that being said, this album has inspired me to download it.   It has a very ‘90s sound to it, where it’s not quite grunge but just rock from that time.   It’s kind of like Matthew Sweet or Local H in ways, but then it also has some lesser shoegaze qualities at times.   For a more modern yet “has been around a while” and is post-grunge type of band I’d also compare this to Foo Fighters, though it is in no way a rip off of anything Dave Grohl has ever done.

            May I also mention that this EP was recorded in a mere two days.  I wish I could do something this amazing in such a short period of time.

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