Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Sickoids “No Home”

Sickoids No Home
$5 to download / free to stream

                Someone (just not me) needs to write an updated history of punk rock.   The part of punk rock that happened in the early 2000s, well basically almost from 2000 till 2010, needs to be addressed.   When I was growing up, punk rock was about something.   From Sex Pistols to Guttermouth, punk rock stood for something, right?

                Well, then all these bands came and started playing fast punk music only it was closer to pop.   So all of the kids wanted to hear that for some reason.   And I won’t name band names or I’ll just sound whiny, but the fact is you could go see a bunch of pseudo punk bands for a lot less than an actual punk band.  You could buy their albums cheaper because the fake punk bands had corporate sponsorship and according to the record industry actual punk rocks were no longer relevant. 

                I’m not sure how accurate this all is, but it seems like for me it would have cost me a lot more money when I was listening to bands in the 00s to follow punk bands versus, you  know, just about anything else.  (Remember emo?)

                Band Camp might just be the perfect vehicle to level the playing field a bit.   Now music can be streamed for free or even downloaded for free.  And not that bullshit punk rock either—the real stuff. 

                You know, I didn’t want to name names, but I have to say it.  For quite a number of years now, any time a band has been called “punk” they end up sounding like Fallout Boy in actuality.   And I was sick and tired of hearing it, so I curled up with my old Bad Religion and Social D records and thought that maybe punk really is dead. 

                Then a few months ago I stumbled upon Sorry State Records somehow.   This is a label putting out some great punk releases.   One of the newest is by a band called Sickoids and, I mean, even if you don’t have the five dollars to spare to download this you should at least stream it.
                This is the type of EP that if I was going to turn the site into a punk site (I’m not—it will always stay open to all genres of music, so long as they don’t suck) “No Home”, the title track, would be our anthem because it just fits with the whole gypsy theme and the way that I feel about life so well. 

                Sorry State is bringing out the real hardcore punk, guys and gals.  I wish I had known about this earlier, but now you know.   And, yes, this review has been more about my re-finding of the punk rock genre thanks to this band/label/EP, but so what.  Let the music speak for itself.   

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