Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Leighton Paloma "Time Flies By"

Leighton Paloma "Time Flies By"
7 CAD to download / free to stream

                I’m not entirely certain how much seven dollars is Canadian, but it seems a bit high for a single song under four minutes, doesn’t it?   In any case, this has this sort of Tarantino guitar riff with a nice, slow to moderately paced drum beat.  On the second verse it gets a little funky.   The female vocals kind of go back and forth, and though they are the same person they sound almost like a duet. 
                After listening to this song I no longer feel like seven Canadian dollars is too much to ask.   Stream it before you buy it, sure, but this a most excellent song worthy of every penny, whichever country. 

[Editor's Note:  This song is actually titled "Time Flies By" and is available to download for $1.   The $7 price tag is for "Au Revoir", which is a forthcoming EP.   I have changed the "Au Revoir" to "Time Flies By" both in the title and first line of this review (which are just cut and copies of each other anyway) but the rest will stay unaltered as it remains how I feel]

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