Sunday, April 14, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog “Beyond The Motions Of A Monster EP” (Kitty On Fire Records)

I Shot The Duck Hunt DogBeyond The Motions Of A Monster EP” (Kitty On Fire Records)
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            Four more songs of nintendocore from I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog.   What’s funny about this album here is that my fifteen month old son was upset about something, so I put this music on.  He stopped crying (He’s already a fan of 8bit) when he heard the music at first, but he was still unsure.  He has a plush from Dr. Seuss’ “The Sleep Book” and I made him start headbanging and dancing and my son just thought it was the best.  I have a two minute video of him I made on my phone (Though he was doing it for most all of these songs) where he is just laughing hysterically and his plushie is rocking out.   How many bands can say that their music influences children in such ways?

            I also almost didn’t notice that the third song is a cover of “Bad Romance”, but I could hear it in the music and then looked at the screen to confirm it.   This is such a great album and ISTDHD is one of my new favorite artists. 

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