Thursday, April 25, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Hammock “Departure Songs”

HammockDeparture Songs
$12 to download / $15 for Special Edition CD / free to stream

                Most bands I come across seem to either want to be FNL or shoegaze with vocals but never both.  Hammock can change it up with style and class depending upon the song.   Okay, so this is mostly FNL and instrumental, however “Tonight We Burn Like Stars That Never Die” is a perfect example of what the genre of shoegaze means to me musically. 

            Being able to go back and forth between these two genres may seem a bit offputting, in the sense that you’d like them to just pick a side.  But, Hammock does it so well and without notice really that they just sort of prove that if any band was meant to do it, clearly it was them.

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