Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Eric Funn “Daniel Johnston Mask Replica”

Eric FunnDaniel Johnston Mask Replica”
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            And of course, the problem with these songs is in the title and that is to say that this sounds like a lesser version of Daniel Johnston himself. 


  1. My songs and playing are nothing like Daniel Johnston's. My mask (a cheap cassette recorder) was like his on this album, though. I don't think this Joshua Macala character listened to my album the whole way through even once, as evidenced by his lazy little dismissive review. He probably thinks Captain Beefheart was in the army. It's not for everyone, but Daniel Johnston Mask Replica is seriously one of my best albums if you actually listen to it. Check it out if you're the kind of music nerd who would be interested in lo-fi, punk rock experiments in solo-acoustic songwriting and performance.

  2. Captain Beefheart was in the navy, because he was a Captain like Captain Crunch and Captain Kangaroo. Everyone knows that.

  3. Okay, sorry I sold you short on that one. You still missed the boat on my album, though. :)

  4. Well, I am big enough to admit I've been wrong before (I didn't like Mormon Toasterhead as much at first as I do now) so I will have to go back and give this a fresh listen.