Thursday, April 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Dead Leaf Echo “Thought & Language”

Dead Leaf EchoThought & Language
$12 to download / free to stream

                Whenever, as a reviewer, you hear a band it’s very easy for you to make a comparison to not necessarily someone specific but rather a combination of existing music.  This however can tend to get us in trouble because what if your comparison were to come true?  I can’t name a band off the top of my head, but what if you said, “Hey, this band sounds a lot like the singer from Stone Temple Pilots fronting Guns N Roses”?   That would come to life one day and be known as Velvet Revolver, so naturally you’d have the option of listening to something like that or the real thing. 
                I’m not going to nitpick and name names or anything, but I just thought it was funny because I recently saw a band (completely unrelated to this review) use a press quote saying that their band sounded like “Singer X” fronting “Band Y”, and I just thought that if something like that ever did happen they’d be out of a job, so to speak. 
                With all that being said, Dead Leaf Echo does resemble such bands as U2 (who I don’t like to use as a comparison point because I don’t really like U2 myself) as well as second album era Stone Temple Pilots and Filter, which are two of my favorite bands and their second albums are both great as well.   Interestingly enough, the singer from Filter did end up fronting STP once under the name Army of Anyone, right?  Does anyone remember that?   Then they also had Talk Show, but geez, what is this, a Stone Temple Pilots review or a Dead Leaf Echo review?   You decide by texting “DLE” or “STP” now.    Phone lines will be open in half an hour.

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