Monday, April 22, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Cool Hawaii s/t

Cool Hawaii s/t
2.50 GBP for cassette / Name Your Price Download (Please Note: Actually buying the cassette adds two additional songs to your listening pleasure)

                The first song is a lighter version of Weezer that also verges on a slowed down surf punk and not just because this band has Hawaii in their name.   The only lyrics to the song are the title, “I Can’t Wait to Go Home”.   I bet the song goes over wonderfully live.
                The second song is a bit faster in that surf punk mixed with Silversun Pickups way.   And there is some beeping for some reason.   The vocals show their range though, as they have actual verses and a chorus. 
                Overall, I am digging these two songs and are quite tempted to buy the cassette to hear the other two. 

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