Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Boom Said Thunder “Exist”

Boom Said ThunderExist
$7 to download / $12 for vinyl and digital download / free to stream
            Tonight marked the night that I began singing along with every word on “Exist”.   I thought to myself, “I’ve listened to this enough times now; I guess it’s about time to write a review for it”.   Only I didn’t know where to begin.   But now I know.

            In the thirteen years that I’ve been writing about music, I haven’t really been able to say something sounded truly original because most bands have influences of other bands in them and it’s very easy to “Well, this sounds like this only not” or “It’s like this mixed with this”.   The fact is, with Boom Said Thunder, you cannot pinpoint them to an exact style or sound and what’s even more remarkable is that you can’t just throw this band into a “sounds like” category either.

            Okay, I will admit now that there is a guitar riff that begins the song “Invisible Peoples” that sounds like something Blur would do, but let that be the exception to the rule.

            So how do you describe something that cannot simply be passed off as saying “It has elements of Garbage, Dead Sara and Elastica in it”?  
            Well, the first thing you’ll hear in this music is very fuzzy guitar.  I love distortion, but this goes way beyond what I’m used to hearing, and so I’m completely in love with how they do it.   It’s like going from watching your music teacher in fifth grade play the electric guitar to see Hendrix—you just get kicked up such a notch you don’t quite know what to do or make of it.

            The next thing that you’ll most likely notice is the female vocals kick in.   The thing about the vocals on this album though is that they’re unlike really any singer you’ve ever heard before.  She has such a unique sound, yet sounding so powerful and just comfortable because it’s not one of those things where she sounds like Fran Dresher or something, you know.    She has the kind of sound that you know could carry her to be a star (See: Any band fronted by a female that is or has ever been popular) and with this static mixed in it’s just something you can’t stop listening to once you become hooked on it.

            I began listening to this album by streaming it for free, and yes, it is $12 for the record, but I believe it is worth every penny and fully intend on buying myself a copy.   I always get into arguments with musicians about whether or not music should be free, and Boom Said Thunder is proof that music should not be free.  You should pay for the privilege to listen to this record.   You should pay to wear this band’s t-shirt.   You should pay to speak this band’s name.   You should feel lucky that this record will only cost you twelve dollars because that is such a vast under-pricing if I’ve ever seen one.   It’s like trading a penny for a hundred dollar bill. 

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