Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CD REVIEW: Tera Melos “X’ed Out”

Tera MelosX’ed Out
                I’ve been around music for a long time and with that, I’ve seen the name Tera Melos before.   Though I might have heard one or two songs by this band somewhere at some point in my life, I never really remembered hearing them in the traditional sense nor have I ever given them a review before.   In laymen terms, this would be my first time actually hearing a complete Tera Melos album and what a place to start.
                I’d like to tell you that Tera Melos is math rock, but they’re really not.   They bring out elements of math rock, sure, but they also bring out elements of bands like Pavement, STP, Flaming Lips and Primus.   Does that make them grunge?   No, I wouldn’t really call them grunge either, but I would say that they were some sort of grunge/math rock hybrid I’ve never really heard before.  
                All you really need to know is that this is some good old fashioned rock n roll with a twist.  If you like to rock, then you were born to listen to this.   Why did it take me so long to listen to this band when I had seen their name popping up back in the early 00’s?   I’m glad I got this CD now though.

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