Friday, April 5, 2013

CD REVIEW: Parts & Labor “Constant Future”

Parts & LaborConstant Future
                I got an old CD from Parts & Labor once, I think it might have been a split.  It was a while back and I have no earthly idea where you might even go about finding the album itself (I lost my copy somewhere along the way) let alone the review I wrote for it.    Times like these I wish I had been archiving all of my various writing projects on the internet since day one.
                In any event, I remember P&L as being instrumental for some reason and this album has vocals.   They have some nice math rock ala “Siamese Dream” going on, but my biggest concern with this album is that there isn’t really anything to sort of hook you in.   It’s very bland and seems to only be well fit as background music to something else you might be doing.   There isn’t a particular song to sing along with or a part where you stop to listen to it because the guitar does this crazy thing with the drums.    This album is just kind of there.

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