Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CD REVIEW: Naomi Greenwald “Composite EP”

Naomi GreenwaldComposite EP
                One of the first things about this EP that jumped out at me was this line in the second song:
                “Whereas you would sum me up in just one sentence”
                Who, me?   Would I do that?  Yeah, probably… hahaha.
                This is a whispering-like female voice and a piano driven band.    It sounds like a cross between Anna Nalick (Remember her?) and Fleetwood Mac, with hints of Blondie and a less distorted version of Metric.    It is quite good, despite my finding that one line so humorous because, well, I love summing up bands in just one sentence.   It’s an art, really.   If I thought I could be summed up in one sentence I’d be quite pleased because it means I wouldn’t be so complicated.   But sometimes, bands just need to know they sound too much like EFS.    Naomi Greenwald though… She’s going to be okay.   She’s puts enough of herself into these songs that seem to have some obvious influences that I can foresee a generous musical history ahead for her.

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