Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SBSR: Pytra Oyster s/t

Pytra Oyster s/t
<1> “El Gam” – This song starts off with the sound you’d perhaps hear at the end of an 8bit video game.   It goes from my right ear into my left ear.  Then it slowly begins to kick in with a beat and rhythm to remind me this is an 8bit album.   It could almost be the soundtrack to some forgotten Atari 2600 game, but alas, there is too much music and not enough blipping.   (Oh come on, Spell Check, seriously?  Blipping is a word you recognize?!?!?!!?)
<2> “Woman in the Photo” – Oh and this song starts with an electric guitar.   What just happened, I thought this was 8bit.    Now I hear that slow sort of electric folk rock like The Wallflowers.    This song definitely has a nice guitar line and is… interesting compared to its 8bit previous track.  Whoa, and near two minutes in they start singing how the woman in the photo has no future and no past.   It’s like The Beatles when they were all on lots of drugs.   Why would anybody want to be like her?  Is this a commentary on fashion or Hollywood?  If so, it’s quite intriguing.   Well, now the electric rock is kicking in so forget this song coming out like The Wallflowers anymore.   And around the five minute mark we have some strings coming in.  
<3> “Cuatro menos cinco” – We open with electric guitars again so I don’t know what happened to my whole 8bit thing.  This has some laser sounds in it, but it’s more psychedelic than 8bit any longer.    It’s this guitar riff going over and over and then the squishy lasers accompanying the melody.  I like it and don’t care if it doesn’t get vocals.  Nearing the three minute mark and it just got heavy like Motorhead. 
<4> “Shamadi(tin-o-ni-no)” – Another fairly heavy start to the indie rock sound.   A lot of great guitar climbing and just crushing chords in this instrumental number.  
<5> “Cool Drone” – And the last song begins like the leaking of the faucet.   We are getting some nice, slight background parts in here.   But we’re barely at the three minute mark and this song is something like twelve minutes and change.   Dig that bass line approaching the 4:30 mark.   This is also psychedelic in many ways.     At the seven minute mark it begins to sound like it’s fading out then comes back.  This is crazy.  What were these guys on to make this?   Nine minutes in and this really has turned into drone.   Eleven minutes and still holding strong.  Wow.  Color me impressed. 

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