Thursday, March 7, 2013

SBSR: Foie Gras “Autre”

Foie GrasAutre
<1> “venus” – This is very ambient.   No words yet, just some drawn out sounds and water running in the background.  Luckily these songs aren’t that long (most of them) so this feeling won’t drag on forever.  This song really also reminds me that I need to listen to the “It’s Not Boring, It’s Ambient” compilation so I can become better acquainted with ambient and tell the difference between the good and the bad.   This isn’t bad so far, there just isn’t much to it.  And as quickly as it comes in, it fades out before getting cut off (Yes, you read that correctly)
<2> “cavalry” – We’re starting off not too differently from our last song.  If possible, this is even quieter than the track before it.    Near the two minute mark and it’s getting a little noise in it but nothing much.   It’s a slow build but I feel like the song will end soon.  And it cuts off as it’s building up.
<3> “pretty” – Yikes, this song has vocals.   Holy hell, I did not see that one coming.   They’re all twangy like Flaming Lips or Daniel Johnston.   They definitely compliment the music well enough and make the first two songs worth sitting through.  
<4> “temple in aerial view” – This song begins with a more haunting, disturbing acoustic guitar rattle.   There are also ghost-like noises in the background.  Let’s see if vocals kick in because right now this has the instrumental-noise/acoustic-vocals pattern of The Illegal Wiretaps.   Yeah, this song seems to just be the rusty acoustic guitar, so no IWT pattern here.
<5> “sunday morning” – We’re back to the way the first two songs sound only without nature. 
<6> “war (Burzum Tribute)” – We appear to be sticking to the sort of quiet instrumental theme except this has noises in the background and that apparent cello sound. 

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