Thursday, March 7, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Square and Compass “How to Escape”

Square and CompassHow to Escape
                Seeing this available on Band Camp got me excited because I remembered reviewing their self-titled release which I believe came [directly] before this.   So my mind went something like, “Yay! Follow up!”.   I didn’t remember exactly how I felt about the self-titled release and I didn’t want to go back and look it up because it might have clouded my judgment as to how I felt about this one.   Granted, I felt pretty certain I enjoyed it but I didn’t really remember it enough to say so I didn’t want to go back, find out I hated it and then saw the same things I hated in the self-titled release in this one.   As I sit here now and type this review, I still haven’t gone back to see what I felt about their self-titled release and I probably won’t unless I get really bored.  (I have an always moving forward mentality)
                One thing I can tell you straight away is that I don’t remember Square and Compass sounding like this.   So either this band got really good between then and now or I just am losing my mind a little bit more from listening to way too much music.  
                These guys can get into some pretty heavy stuff, but for the most part stay on an indie punk course that reminds me of bands like Shades Apart, 22 Jacks, Jimmy Eat World and Eleventeen.     Also, it could very possibly be something that’s on Doghouse back when they had The Break release their first album because I have no clue what the Doghouse roster sounds like right now.
                So really this is a case of the three bears right here.  If you want to listen to something that isn’t too light and fluffy while still rocking hard then “How to Escape” should be on your download list.   I guess instead of the three bears I could use the Motown Philly reference and say “Not too hard… Not too soft”.  

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