Thursday, February 7, 2013

SBSR: Monte “Fall Demos”

Monte Fall Demos
<1> “Demo 1” – This has a very grunge sound to it and I can’t be the only one hearing some Nirvana in this song.   Now it’s going into a guitar solo, which is interesting and slows things down for a bit.   This sounds like a demo, in terms of recording quality, but not in a completely bad way at all.   This song does remind me a lot of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” though. 
<2> “Demo 2” – Here we have a track that’s a bit more drum heavy, especially in the cymbals department.  I can’t hear too much of the other instruments behind the drum kit, but this could still be “Nevermind” era Nirvana if not something along the lines of Mudhoney or a Seattle band of that liking. 

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