Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SBSR: Lazyeyes EP

Lazyeyes EP
<1> “Nostalgia” – I sure hope this is a No Motiv cover.   It appears to not be, but this guitar is fun.   And here come the vocals which are somewhere between The Killers and The Strokes.   Whoa, both of those bands could send you to the hospital.   The chorus kicks in, albeit somewhat light, and this reminds me of the fast paced sort of rock of The Strokes only with the lighter/dance side of The Killers.   So it’s not as poppy as The Killers but it’s not as guitar riff driven as The Strokes, if that makes any sense at all.   This song just feels like it wants to rock out so badly, but I just can’t imagine this band doing anything other than standing around while playing it (or the audience for that matter). 
<2> “Forever” – This starts with a nice guitar riff, but I already hate it because the title is way overused.   This song also isn’t that far removed from the song before it.    This particular song is actually getting much closer to sounding like The Strokes and that really bothers me.    If it didn’t appear to be almost over, I’d skip to the next song already. 
<3> “Wait” – This song begins a bit slower, but let’s see how it comes out on the whole. 
<4> “Daydream” – I somehow managed to make it to this song, but stopped paying attention.  Let’s call this band The Strokes Jr. and move on with our lives, shall we?

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