Monday, February 25, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Yumi and the Weather "Four Songs"

Yumi and the WeatherNot Again” [single]
                This is a fun drumbeat, synth and female vocals.   It’s like a more 1980s version of Lilly Allen, which is definitely a compliment.   The vocals become close to rap but are still enjoyable in a way that most female emcees are not.  There is some singing as well though, so I do enjoy that fact.  And the guitar work.
                Listen, listen, listen, listen, there’s always a lesson learned. 

Yumi and the WeatherNot Again” (Manni Dee Remix) [single]
                This is such a beat-filled song already; I decided to see how it was remixed.   I’m not sure what a Manni Dee is, so here we go.    Apparently some of the original beats have been taken out in favor of Phil Collins drums.   This is interesting but so far only sounds slightly like the original. 

Yumi and the WeatherNot Again” (Ambassadeurs Remix) [single]
                If I ruled the world (or at least the world of music) I’d make a single out of these four songs by Yumi and the Weather.   It’d have “Not Again” and “Must I Wait” on the A-Side then the two remixes of “Not Again” on the B-Side.    That’d be the extended version though because the normal single would just be “Not Again” on the A-Side and “Must I Wait” on the B-Side.   This remix is somewhere between the original and the Manni Dee one in the sense that this one stays a bit closer to the source material.  

Yumi and the WeatherMust I Wait” [single]
                This would be the b-side to what has become a somewhat popular song in “Not Again”.   It has the urgency of Blondie and the heart of Fleetwood Mac.   Yes, I just typed that.  If you like Yumi and the Weather based on their first song, then you’ll enjoy this song as well.   And for the record, yes, Yumi did deny me an interview because apparently she is not doing any at this time.   So, hey, I’ve got that going for me as well. 

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