Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Audrey Rose, Jessica Campbell, Hannah Miller “Live at Red Clay Theatre”

Audrey Rose, Jessica Campbell, Hannah MillerLive at Red Clay Theatre
                This is a live album I downloaded for free from Noise Trade.    It’s got three different female singer/songwriters on it.   Audrey Rose isn’t really bad at all, but Jessica Campbell annoys me in ways I thought only Jewel could.  Hannah Miller is not as good as Audrey Rose but not as bad as Jessica Campbell.
                There are a total of twelve songs and three women, so that’s four songs each.   Here’s the equation I drew up:
                3 Women x 4 Songs Each = 12 Songs Total
                Download it for yourself (for free) and see if you like any of these women.   But if female vocals and acoustic guitars are not your thing, then definitely don’t even download it.

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