Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CD REVIEW: Art Decade “Western Sunrise”

Art DecadeWestern Sunrise
                “Western Sunrise” opens sounding like a symphony of beautiful music and throughout the course of the album it never ceases to amaze me. 
                The music itself is somewhat hard to pinpoint.   It falls somewhere between recognizable bands such as The Get Up Kids, The All-American Rejects and Yellowcard (And not just because it has strings in the otherwise pop-ish punk-ish sound)    I really never liked The Get Up Kids, but I do quite enjoy this so let’s saying something for it.    It’s not quite pop, but it can get stuck in your head.   The song “Breeze” is a ballad with a lot of strings and it reminds me of The Beatles.
                The lyrics to the songs can be quite catchy, even though it may take you a few listens before you’re actually singing along with them.    This notion only intensifies throughout the album as the closing number, “The Impossible”, is much like a rock opera in the way you would think of Queen.
                My only problem with this album is the song “Weapon”.   It bothers me not only because the vocals become high pitched (I have cat-like hearing, so it’s sharp for me) but also because the song is about being forced onto the dance floor in an AFI/Panic! At the Disco style of chorus.   I will never dance, so do not ask me.   That’s a different kind of gypsy.   
                Other than that one track though, I just haven’t felt this good about music since bands like The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day and New Found Glory burst onto the scene and changed the way we listened to music forever. 

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