Friday, January 18, 2013

SBSR: Wild Leaves “Sister”

Wild Leaves “Sister”
<1> “Sister” – This was recorded very, very quietly apparently.  I mean, was he singing and playing the acoustic guitar in another room entirely or what here?  I’m turning this up loudly just to barely hear it.    The chorus (I assume it’s the chorus because he’s singing about his titular sibling) has some light drums in it, maybe just a snare drum or tom (I’m no drummer).    This song is four and a half minutes but it feels like forever. 

<2> “Drifter” - This song still has the same quiet sound but it has a more traditional song structure.    I’m still not entirely convinced these two songs are worth listening to/downloading for free.   Maybe if Wild Leaves put out an album (Or even five song EP) at a proper volume level I’d be interested.  This just isn’t doing anything for me.

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