Thursday, January 10, 2013

SBSR: Negative Tapes “Lower Westheimer – Fall 2012”

Negative TapesLower Westheimer – Fall 2012

<1> “Lower Westheimer, Fall 2012” - We open with beats and then some synth, which is really nice.   This could be considered a less obnoxious version of Prodigy but I might just be thinking that because I saw the Hackers soundtrack the other day at Savers.    Before the minute and a half mark we have some nice keys kick in.   After two minutes, it’s getting quiet and fading in and out.   After two and a half minutes, the drum machine kicks off a beat and we’re back to where we sort of were before.    We’re ending with the keys, sort of in a Doogie Howser theme song sort of way.
<2> “Dysgasm” – This song begins much more dancey.   The loops make me want to drive at night with no lights on, sunglasses on, drinking Red Bull and playing this at maximum volume.   I’m sure someone has already done that though, right?   This seems to be on the same sort of drum loop, and now the aliens are landing, but it’s still somehow managed to not bore me so I’d say that’s a good sign.   After three minutes, it begins to sound like a potential cell phone ringtone. 
<3> “Turtle Dove” – We open here with the synth bass of doom.   Wow it’s like this band is going to war with itself: synth vs. drum machine.   Okay, now we have some X-Files vibes going on and the synth gone.   Or maybe not… the synth is apparently back, just not as bass-y and distorted.  Oh wait, here comes that first weapon again.   This could be some “Smells Like Children” or earlier Marilyn Manson without the vocals.   It’d fit in with that whole industrial pseudo goth scene fairly well I think.   Or just to put it in a really dark video game, like where you’re Van Helsing or some such concept. 
<4> “Public News” – This song just comes on suddenly and has more of an upbeat, Atari 2600 sort of vibe to it.   It’s like a really intense game of Pong.   Or maybe someone was playing the soundtrack to Pong and the record got stuck and started to skip.   I feel like something is being vaguely said (Maybe even the title of the song) but I can neither confirm nor deny that fact at this time.   And, as I have become accustomed to, this cuts off abruptly. 

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