Monday, January 21, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Goddamm Electric Bill “Dead Alive”

Goddamm Electric BillDead Alive
               These twenty seven songs of self-described folktronica (I like that name) are interesting but I guess the true judge of music comes from whether or not you’re willing to pay for it- or at least how much you’ll pay for it.   GEB has a deal where you can get a special limited edition CD, sticker, magnet and postcard (plus the download) for just $12.   This is limited to 100 and according to Band Camp there are only 6 left.    Normally, this is something I would jump on (Despite my theory to not pay for music because if I give GEB $12 then I have to give everybody who asks for it $12) simply for the limited quantity and all, but since I didn’t buy it that obviously says something about it.   Granted, I did listen to it though.

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