Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CD REVIEW: Dikembe “Broad Shoulders”

Dikembe “Broad Shoulders”
            When I first heard Dikembe (Which is on this album, I hadn’t hear their EP prior to this) I immediately was reminded of a band that I couldn’t place.   A band from the time when bands like New Found Glory and Midtown took this emo stuff and cranked it up a notch with faster paced music and screamier vocals.   This also reminds me of something that could be on the early days of Lobster Records.  
            I did something with this band that I rarely do though, and I looked up what other people were saying about it.  I felt like it sounded exactly like this one band from the Midtown days only I couldn’t quite get it off the tip of my tongue.   I was hoping maybe somebody could jar my slight memory gap and all I could come up with was a bunch of people saying how nice this was to be a throwback to the days of older emo rock.

            What no one wants to tell you is that aside from this being a genuinely good album, it’s not exactly “ahead of its time”, but rather ten or fifteen years too late.  As Boys Night Out would write near the end of the boom that obviously inspired Dikembe: “For once, let’s just do something different”.

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