Saturday, November 24, 2012

SBSR: Athletics "Stop Torturing Yourself" (Deep Elm)

Athletics "Stop Torturing Yourself" (Deep Elm)
                This is a SBSR.  If you don’t know the drill by now, learn it!
<1> “Speaking for Everyone” – We open with piano, as this has been described to me as the piano EP.  Here come the Radiohead-esque vocals.   Now he’s really belting it out like Josh Groban or someone.  So this song is just piano and vocals thus far, which sounds like the way a lot opens their albums nowadays.  I want to say this is somewhere between Sherwood and Straylight Run. 
<2> “Fairview” – And of course we open with more piano.  The only other time I’ve probably listened to this much was when John Davis put out his solo album.   The Cancer Conspiracy- whom I love to swim to- is coming to mind as well.   Two minutes in with nothing but piano and that’s what I thought this whole EP was going to be.   Still, I really like it because there’s nothing wrong with classical music.
<3> “Jordan” – I hope this song is about Jordan Knight, my second favorite New Kid on the Block.   We’ve got vocals and they are infectious.  Based on the lyrics though, this song could be about alcoholism. 
<4> “I Am Withdrawal” – Hey, me too!  More pianos, as thus far all I’ve heard are pianos and vocals.  About a minute in and we get some great vocals.  I’m really loving these songs and thinking they exist in a non-piano form and I’m just not aware of it. 

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