Saturday, November 24, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Paper Route “Absence”

Paper RouteAbsence
                Paper Route is everything and nothing at the same time.  They’re indie rock, but they’re not.  They’re techno rock, but they’re not.   They’re a Christian band based on the lyrics, but then again maybe they’re not because the lyrics aren’t that specific.   Paper Route sounds like Neon Trees, Phoenix, Copeland and a slew of other great bands, yet they’re still making their own mark on the music scene. 
                Paper Route is a band that, when you listen to this album, you will feel like you have heard it somewhere before because it’s that familiar and good, yet you’ll also not be able to place where exactly you heard it or that one band it sounds like.   Hands down one of the best releases, song for song, that I have heard in quite some time.  Color me impressed.   A must download. 

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