Thursday, November 29, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: OK Good Records Song Sampler

OK Good Records Song Sampler
                I’ll do these song by song since this sort of a compilation.
<1> “Mary” by Sparkadia – Sort of like Iron & Wine but not.   It also doesn’t hurt that I have a cat and grandmother named Mary.
<2> “I Can Feel His Heartbeats” by A Genuine Freakshow – For fans of James Blunt who don’t want to admit that they listen to James Blunt. 
<3> “Sweet Defeat” by Jon Allen – Almost soulful, preacher type music with horns, like what The Gadjits turned into after they were no longer ska, but like what you’d expect someone named Father John Misty or whatever his name is to sound like.
<4> “On the First Time” by Trip – This is a much more annoying version of Smash Mouth.   No joke, try and make it through this entire song.
<5> “Tonight After Dark” by Hen Ree – Sounds like The Killers.
<6> “Try with Nadia Ali” by Schiller – Poppy.  Not female pop like Debbie Gibson, but close.
<7> “Dancing Every Night” by Paper Aeroplanes – Female alt country that just doesn’t do it for me.
<8> “Action Man” by Hafdis Huld – This could be Edie Brickell, but it could also be somewhere between Bjork and Regina Spektor.   I give it the benefit of the doubt though and I do like this song.
<9> “Army of Invisible Men” by The Windupdeads – I like this band name, but this is such a generic radio rock sounding band (like Switchfoot but not)
<10> “Wake the Dogs” by Donots – This song sounds like The Clash.
<11> “Do You Wanna” by Chromatic BLaCK – There are a few influences you can see coming out in this song, such as Lou Reed, horrible lyricists and River City Rebels, but mostly this just sounds like The Offspring. 
                You can download these songs for free from Noise Trade, but really the first song is the only really redeeming song of the bunch and after that it’s all downhill.

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