Friday, November 9, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: The Favorite Genetlemen Sampler

The Favorite Genetlemen Sampler

I downloaded these nine songs for free from Noise Trade. This is kind of like a SBSR but not. Just some note I made on each song and an overall verdict at the end. Should be worth your reading, but maybe not.

"Lucky Bastard" by All Get Out
- Catchy, but not too catchy. One of my favorite songs ever now and it makes me want to look further into this band.

"Cherish The One You Got" by Harrison Hudson
- Tom Petty-ish at first, chorus turns into Rentals-ish

"Settle Down" by Junior Astronomers
- This is the Hot Water Music sounding band on this sampler apparently, though after almost four minutes it's growing on me.

"Hey Amariah" by Death on Two Wheels
- This is some crunchy rock and roll along the lines of Buckcherry or Aerosmith only, you know, I don't want to cut my ears off after five seconds of listening to it. It's fun. The chorus is also catchy in that Ok Go kind of way, which is funny because I do like this song but I dislike Ok Go so much.

"Machines Part I" by O'Brother
- These guys just kicked in with a vengeance like Snapcase. It's got a certain light metal sound to it I just can't place right now, but it's not terrible. It's almost like one of the heavier Stone Temple Pilots songs, "No. 4" era to be specific.

"A Story, A Sneak" by Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band
- I once did an email interview with Kevin when he fronted Miracle of '86. I have no idea what the name of the 'zine I had back then was called though. Isn't that weird, I conducted a few interviews with bands like Campground Effect, Miracle of '86 and Nakatomi Plaza and yet I can't remember the name of the zine?

This song is much lighter in contrast to the previous track, so I'm digging the juxtaposition.

"When I Met Death" by Right Away, Great Captain!
- That was fairly short and sweet.

"Holding Down the Laughter" by Bad Books
This song has a Ben Kweller sound to it, like "Wasted and Ready" or whatever that song is called.
"I Lied" by Gobotron
- A somewhat poppy, but mostly rocking song.

Overall, yes, you should download this sampler for free from Noise Trade because most of the songs are not a waste of time.

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