Thursday, November 1, 2012

CD REVIEW: Accents "Growth and Squalor" (Deep Elm)

Accents "Growth and Squalor" (Deep Elm)

                Although I feel like I said it before, I now believe it bears repeating.   I write some pretty decent sized notes about albums before I actually write reviews for them.   The more complex the music is, the more detailed the notes will be.    Some albums, not to be misunderstood, do merit a single listen through and then I write a very brief review, but I often strive to get something more out of the music than simply that. 
                It has been a while since I first listened to “Growth and Squalor” by Accents, but the one thing that caught my eye in my notes prior to moving (Yes, moving has been an ongoing process of getting settled) was my noting that this sounded like Barenaked Ladies at times for some reason.    Listening to this again now, some months later, I no longer hear the BNL reference so I’m just going to have to leave that out there in the air.
                Accents is a post rock band that resembles the likes of Time Spent Driving and Eleventeen, or if you’ve never heard of them I can go about as mainstream as Spitalfield.   There are some great melodies, great sing alongs and all around just great music which has the traditional rock sound (Almost like early Bayside at times) mixed with strings which are not really that big of a focal point. 
                I would also find myself remised if I didn’t point out how incredible the drumming is on this album.    From the ballad of “Storms” to the most rocking of tracks, this is just what an overall solid record album should sound like.    Accents creates the new standard with “Growth and Squalor” and now I defy other bands to meet it.

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