Thursday, August 30, 2012

CD REVIEW: Cities Aviv "Digital Lows"

Cities Aviv "Digital Lows"

                Really, the only things that you need to know about Cities Aviv are that they are more than one voice and they convey hip hop in a way that no one else really does.   It’s not necessarily pop, but it definitely has a mass appeal.   You don’t have to be a fan of hip hop to enjoy this, though I find myself becoming more and more of a hip hop fan every day.
                The closest thing that I can compare them to musically is A Tribe Called Quest, but Cities Aviv is really forging their own path here.    Yes, “FuckEverybodyhere” is an actual song title as well.
                On one particular song, allegiance is declared to Biggie over 2Pac and that’s pretty much the only thing on this album that I would disagree with them on.  I didn’t know that much about Biggie or own any of his albums prior to his death (Still don’t), but I wore out a 2Pac cassette tape in my teenage years.
                The last track on this album is a sort of cover of the song “Float On” (it shares the name) by Modest Mouse.    I’m really digging it and what they did with the hook there, so you might want to actually listen to that song first to kind of prepare you for what you’ll have in store on the rest of “Digital Lows”.    Yes, this just jumped up high on my playlist.

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