Friday, July 6, 2012

CD REVIEW: Haleek Maul “Oxyconteen”

Haleek MaulOxyconteen
                After the intro, the first of these six songs begins off quite slow.   While rapping at a normal tempo, there are also some screwed vocals which is a nice touch out of the ordinary (At least for me).  
                There is a rather noticeable gap of dead air between the first actual song and the second song, but then the second song, “Forever”, comes on like gunfire.    Oh yeah, and the first song is called “88” and it’s about how that was his year.  In 1988, I was only 8 years old.   I barely remember what I was doing back then.  
                You could live forever and you would never get it” – That makes me hopeful for my being able to review these songs properly. 
                Haleek Maul is as diverse a rapper as he is a good one.   I could throw in a standard comparison to Nas, but that seems to be my constant go-to for comparisons sake, so let’s see if it can go without saying this time.   (Oops, too late)
                This is a good EP, and I’d really look forward to a full length from Haleek Maul, whether or not it had guest spots on it.

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