Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CD REVIEW: Falling in Reverse “You are the Drug in Me”

Falling in ReverseYou are the Drug in Me
                Before Ronnie and Escape the Fate parted ways, I was quite a fan of the band.   Without Ronnie though, Escape the Fate lost all interest to me.    Then Ronnie went and found some new dudes and made this band.
                If you want to know what happened in between the end of Escape the Fate and the beginning of Falling in Reverse, it can be pretty well detailed in the song “Tragic Magic”.   If you don’t know the story, the song is worth listening to in and of itself just because of the brutal honesty in it.  
                The rest of the songs are heavy, with some screaming but not a whole lot, and it basically sounds like what I imagine the next Escape the Fate album would have sounded like had Ronnie not parted ways with them.   And even though I keep saying “parted ways”, I know there is more to the story than that.
                Here’s what you do for this album:
                If you enjoyed Ronnie in Escape the Fate, you will like this.
                If you’ve never heard Ronnie in Escape the Fate, listen to “Dying is Your Latest Fashion” and “There’s No Sympathy for the Dead” (But don’t listen to the new Escape the Fate music after that, unless you really have to)—and those are an album and EP title not just single songs, people.   After you listen to those two enough times you can get into Falling in Reverse.
                If you did not enjoy Ronnie in Escape the Fate then I am sorry but I have no hope for you musically.

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