Friday, June 15, 2012

SBSR: Bloody Knives EP

Bloody Knives EP
Recently, I’ve been downloading and listening to music like crazy from Band Camp.   This is a review of a group of songs by the same band I got from Band Camp- usually it constitutes an EP.   This is a song-by-song review and it is never to exceed six songs.   At the end, I will tell you the “Recommended Downloading Level”, which means whether or not I think you should spend your time downloading these songs.   It’s on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 meaning that you should stop reading my review and download these songs immediately and 1 meaning that if you even think about downloading these songs your computer will be infected with a horrific bad music virus.   Enjoy.
<1> “sadist” – It has that old school Nine Inch Nails sound that I loved when I first heard Bloody Knives on a whenthesunhits compilation, but it also has hints of Stabbing Westward now in ways too.  I really love this song.   It’s so relaxed, yet so energetic at the same time.  How is that possible?   I don’t even know, but trust me it is true.
<2> “nothing will fix” – Kind of like the first song, only different.   This song does have a cool break down that has just this one haunting guitar riff that definitely sounds like something out of even “The Fragile” era Nine Inch Nails. 
<3> “buried” – This starts with a great sense of urgency, which I do so enjoy.  The vocals have more of a late 1980’s/early 1990’s sound to them though, compared to the first two songs.   The one thing that really stands out in this song too that I’ve failed to mention so far is that the vocals themselves aren’t very loud.  I know with most music, you want that frontman and those vocals to be the leader of the band, but that isn’t the case here.   Rather than seemingly having the levels set so that the vocals are even just slightly louder than everything else, the vocals from Bloody Knives seem to be at about the same level if not a little bit lower than the rest of the music.    This gives it a nice way of sort of all blending together.
<4> “in your” – And this song definitely sounds like “The Fragile” era Nine Inch Nails.   It starts with that riff that either starts the first or second disc on that album.   I forget which because someone switched my discs (probably me) so the last time that I listened to “The Fragile” I somehow managed to listen to the discs in reverse order.    Now we kick into something slower, more of a mellow Joy Division sound.
<5> “buried reprise” – It kicks in just as fast as the third song and with as much force.   It’s kind of like a piece of that song, but it still makes the EP.
                Overall these songs are not what you’d expect them to be like—they’re actually much better.   If something that sounded similar to this was on the radio I would probably feel the way about it that I do about Linkin Park (Though there are no real LP comparisons here, folks), but for some reason I just love this music and want to hear as much of it as I possibly can.   You definitely need to hear this.
Recommended Downloading Level:  4/5

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