Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Raised by Gypsies Story: Part 1

The Raised by Gypsies Story:  Part 1
                In 1999, I began officially writing about music.   All of the albums that helped shape my musical mind prior to that will be known as the “Essential Album Reviews” (Which is basically from 1993 until 1999).    Albums prior to my purchasing music on my own will fall under “Classic Album Reviews” (Which is basically pre-1993).  
                In 2006, I did my last interview and officially called it a day for NCA (   I took a nearly six year hiatus from writing about music, mostly due to burnout, but I never stopped listening to music.    There were some albums and bands I would occasionally listen to (such as The Doors, Local H, Everclear, Streetlight Manifesto, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.), but these are the albums that I honestly listened to more times than anything between 2006 and 2012.    While I did listen to other music, these were the songs I needed to hear on pretty much a daily basis and listened to more than anything else.
1)      Boys Night Out “Trainwreck”
2)      Blue October “Consent to Treatment”/ “Foiled” / “Argue with a Tree”
3)      Bayside “The Walking Wounded”
4)      I Am The Avalanche “
5)      Chiodos “The Bone Palace Ballet”
6)      Forgive Durden “Wonderland”

                In 2012, I began writing about music again.   In addition to writing for Space City Rock ( with current releases, I’ve also been adding in some other reviews here on Raised by Gypsies.    There is certainly an art to writing about music and having it be something that qualifies as a review other than simply “I hate these songs and want to crack this CD”.   But there is also an art in ways to writing little blurbs about CDs.   Sometimes I just get these feelings.   I don’t know what it is.   It’s the writer in me though.   If I feel like I can write about a CD for a page or more in Microsoft Word, then yes, I will typically submit it to Space City Rock.   But if I have a shorter review in mind it comes to Raised by Gypsies because sometimes all that needs to be said about a band is that they’re ripping off another band.
                In addition to these shorter reviews, I’ve been doing some Song by Song Reviews (SBSR), and as mentioned in the beginning the Classic and Essential Album Reviews.    Will more come to Raised by Gypsies than this?   Hopefully.   I don’t know how big this project is going to get, but it’s a nice little side project right now to writing about music for Space City Rock.  
                That’s why this is Part 1-- it’s to be continued.   I don’t know what the future holds, but maybe I’ll do another one of these self-realizing explanations in the future.  
                And if you want to write short, not always bad reviews about music—or anything—and have it appear as part of this Raised by Gypsies blog, shoot me an email.    This is for everyone, not just me and Baron Von Rappberry. 

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