Monday, June 25, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Winston’s Essentials: A Polyvinyl Sampler

Winston’s Essentials: A Polyvinyl Sampler
                Here is a fifteen song sampler from Polyvinyl Record Co. that I downloaded for free as part of my eMusic deal.   I’m just going to give you quick thoughts, artist by artist.
1)      Casio Kids – I like this.
2)      Of Montreal – Sounds like a less good version of Weezer.
3)      Love is All – There is a reason I’ve never heard of this band before.  These vocals are painfully awful.
4)      Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Cool surf-like, pop punk rock with clapping and drum climbing.   Somewhat mellow and upbeat at the same time.
5)      Japandroids – Fast pop punk that’s just great.
6)      Aloha – Duh, I know these guys already.  You should have heard of them before too.
7)      Joan of Arc – Surprisingly not female vocals.
8)      Asobi Seksu – This one’s got Joan Osborne-like female vocals.  Live song.
9)      Love of Everything – Weird, short song.   Kind of like Eels maybe.
10)   Owen – I’ve heard of these guys before too.  Still don’t really like them.
11)   Loney Dear – Weird female “nah nah nahs” with male vocals singing about ignorant girls and ignorant boys.
12)   Headlights – Pretty nice female indie rock.
13)   Saturday Looks Good to Me – Live, female vocals, horns and very good actually.  Kind of like the Come on Eileen band but not.  Sort of ska, but not really.
14)   Braid – Who hasn’t heard of Braid before?
15)   Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! -  Duh.  You should already know this amazing band as well.

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