Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: For the Most Part “as long as it takes forever to end”

For the Most Partas long as it takes forever to end
                This music is fast and hard, for the most part.   It’s something between Thrice and Rise Against, though with their own sort of style.    When it first starts, I swear the vocals are from old Saves the Day.  
                I got psyched up enough about these songs to research the band a little bit further and I found out that they, unfortunately, are no more.    Maybe if enough people go download this for free we can get a reunion show or something.   I don’t know, it seems like everyone’s getting back together these days.    This music makes me pumped.   It makes me want to be motivated, drive fast and all of that.    It’s simply great and I’m sad I’ll never get to hear it live.

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