Monday, May 7, 2012

SBSR: RomCom “It’s Tight Like Prom Night!”

RomCom “It’s Tight Like Prom Night!”
Recently, I’ve been downloading and listening to music like crazy from Band Camp.   This is a review of a group of songs by the same band I got from Band Camp- usually it constitutes an EP.   This is a song-by-song review and it is never to exceed six songs.   At the end, I will tell you the “Recommended Downloading Level”, which means whether or not I think you should spend your time downloading these songs.   It’s on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 meaning that you should stop reading my review and download these songs immediately and 1 meaning that if you even think about downloading these songs your computer will be infected with a horrific bad music virus.   Enjoy.
<1> “Tight Like Prom Night” [3:03] – If you’ve ever heard the band Save Ferris, then you have already heard this song.
<2> “When I’m Gone” [3:32] – The lyrics for this song are amateur at best, somewhat worse than teenage poetry though the chorus doesn’t really have any actual words to it.    This doesn’t have the same ska horns as the first song, but you still get the overall Save Ferris idea still.   And to answer the title question posed, when this band is gone, no I will not remember them because much like most of my childhood I will be blocking them out of my memory.
<3> “My Favorite Movie” [4:22] – A faster version of the song that came before it.   She’s asking the guy to be her favorite movie.   People playing music along to this should be embarrassed. 
<4> “I Don’t Want To” [3:46] – I don’t want to listen to this crap any more.  Next!
<5> “Island in the Sun” [3:11]
                I have no idea how I ended up downloading these five songs, but it was probably based on location more so than genre.   With the name of the band I should’ve guessed that the music would be just as shitty (Have you ever watched a romantic comedy you actually liked?), so I don’t know what I was thinking.  Sorry everybody.   Avoid this one at all costs.
Recommended Downloading Level:  0/5

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