Thursday, May 10, 2012

SBSR: Lana Lana “Demo Tape 2012”

Lana Lana “Demo Tape 2012”
<1> “Minghags Point” [3:17] – We open with a start and stop guitar chord then get some pretty fast drumming kicking in.   The drumming is the highlight of this song so far.    And now we have some painfully awful male vocals coming into the song.   I can’t tell if it wants to be math rock, punk rock or just some sort of other kind of rock, but the drumming is still the high point of this song.
<2> “French, what are ya doin?” [3:33] – More of the same on this song here.   I don’t recommend downloading these songs at all really.   Even for a demo, this is pretty shitty music.

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