Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SBSR: The Hereticks “The Cause”

The Hereticks “The Cause”
Recently, I’ve been downloading and listening to music like crazy from Band Camp.   This is a review of a group of songs by the same band I got from Band Camp- usually it constitutes an EP.   This is a song-by-song review and it is never to exceed six songs.   At the end, I will tell you the “Recommended Downloading Level”, which means whether or not I think you should spend your time downloading these songs.   It’s on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 meaning that you should stop reading my review and download these songs immediately and 1 meaning that if you even think about downloading these songs your computer will be infected with a horrific bad music virus.   Enjoy.
<1> “The Cause” – We start this song off sort of slow and with only the whiny indie rock vocals with some random guitars hidden in the background.    When it finally does kick in, it sounds a lot like Spoon.
<2> “It Takes Times” – Same thing as the first song only with some Flaming Lips added.
<3> “I’ve Got No Clue” – Third verse same as the first.
<4> “All the Rules” – More of the same.
                While these songs may closely resemble other songs by other bands, they still have a certain indie rock quality that I think would appeal to a lot of people who are afraid of the radio.   These four songs aren’t “must listen” but they definitely have their redeeming qualities.
Recommended Downloading Level:  2.5/5

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