Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Oliver Young “I Founded a Chess Club”

Oliver Young “I Founded a Chess Club”
                I have absolutely no idea how I ended up downloading this, but it is not music.   It is supposed to be a comedy album, sure, I get that, but it’s not funny.   Each track is on average thirty seconds (Though I didn’t actually bother to do the math) and it’s just this guy telling you what are supposed to be jokes but are painfully unfunny.    Listening to this is somewhere between the annoyance level of having someone leave you a thousand messages in a row on your answering machine and calling someone who has one of those really long and annoying messages you have to sit through before you can leave a message.   If this guy attempts stand up, I have two words of advice for him:  SIT DOWN.
                These tracks should only be played if you are throwing a party and you want everyone to leave.

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