Thursday, May 10, 2012

CD REVIEW: Made in Iceland V

Made in Iceland V
                I don’t know much about the music of Iceland, and I especially can tell that because I don’t know who any of these bands are.    So here is a song by song listing with a brief note about each band.
<1> “I’ll Drown” by Soley – Piano driven indie rock that sounds kind of like Feist at times.
<2> “Goda Tungl” by Samaris – Almost techno type of rock with female soft female vocals over it.
<3> “Within You” by Gusgus – Phil Collins
<4> “Darkest Part of Town” by Helgi Jonsson – Death Cab for Helgi
<5> “The Backbone” by Lay Low – Corrine Bailey Rae has made it to Iceland…
<6> “Qween” by Retro Stefson - … And so has LFO.
<7> “Messy Hair” by Sykur – Oh look, it’s someone copying Lady Gaga copying Madonna.
<8> “I Don’t Want to Go to Sleep Either” by FM Belfast – Dance pop that reminds me of Rah Rah.   Easily one of the best songs on this compilation.
<9> “I Know She Does” by Just Another Snake Cult – Kind of like The Verve, but stuck on a loop.
<10> “Hellbound Heart” by Reykjavik! – The Hold Steady.
<11> “Let’s Get It On” by The Vintage Caravan -  I’d call this speed rock since it’s not quite speed metal, though it has hints of STP to it as well.  
<12> “Dead Mantra” by Dead Skeleton – Is this the grown up version of that kid Jordie who had a hit at, like, age two about being a baby?   I’m seriously wondering.
<13> “Impulse” by For a Minor Reflection – And here comes the heavy rock with stops and starts, you know the scatterbrained type of stuff.  
<14> “Laut” by Lockerbie – Coldplay.
<15> “Animals” by Virgi – Piano driven dark rock worth looking into maybe one day.
<16> “Shades” by Arstidir – Strings that get heavy like TSO.
<17> “Near Light” by Olafur Arnalds – It’s a mad world.
<18> “Fowl” by 7OI – I don’t even know what this is.

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