Saturday, May 19, 2012

CD REVIEW: James Bowers “Celia EP”

James Bowers “Celia EP”
                First off, I need to admit that my eyesight is pretty bad.   When writing down the artist and title for this review, I came up with James Bowers name right (Which seems like an easy name to mistakenly write as Bowser) but managed to write the title as “Cello”.   When I started listening to the first song I heard the name Celia, and then realized that was not only the song name but also the EP name.    I swear there was (probably) a time when with glasses my eyesight was 20/20, but apparently not any more.
                This is a less than inspired version of singer songwriter material with some piano and even strings that sound like cellos (Aha!  I knew they were there somewhere) mixed in.    He’s like James Blunt’s less attractive cousin.

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