Friday, April 20, 2012

CD REVIEW: Radiohead “King of Limbs” (XL Records)

Radiohead “King of Limbs” (XL Records)
I’ll be the first to admit that Radiohead is not my favorite band.  When they first “struck it big” with the song “Creep”, I was moderately impressed but never quite saw that same spark others saw in them.   I thought that “Paranoid Android” was a good song and an even better animated music video.  I also really liked the song “High and Dry”.    Otherwise, my interest in Radiohead was very low.   I thought that would kind of obviously lead to my immediate trashing of this album, which is sometimes a fun way to blow off some steam.   I was wrong.   This album is not entirely awful.   But so we can save ourselves all the drama before the end of this review let me fast forward and tell you- SPOILERS ALERT:  This album does not make a fan out of me.
                King of Limbs is eight somewhat upbeat, mostly offbeat and rather fun songs that are all around 5 minutes in length, give or take.   The first song opens with this funky piano dangling sound and an obvious snare roll to the beat of a different drummer.   The second song has a weird cell phone riff going throughout it, which sounds clever at first but just overall becomes annoying.   In the third song I swear he’s singing “Karma Police” and the fourth song is this sort of house dance number without a lot of vocals but with more of an electronic sound and a drum machine.
                What struck me most about this album is not only the style of the songs but how they are composed.    Musically, this is a very beautiful piece of art called music.  My biggest flaw with this album is simply the vocals.  I can do without these whiny, still teenage sounding fits of whatever he might be singing about now.  I bet Thom Yorke could sing about the best day of his life or cover the freaking Spice Girls and make it sound like he wants to kill himself.    If I could get a copy of this album without the vocals it’d be perfect for me.   These nasally vocals just seem to ruin it for me.

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