Friday, April 20, 2012

CD REVIEW: Deer Tick Divine Providence (Partisan Records)

Deer Tick Divine Providence (Partisan Records)

            The easiest way to describe Deer Tick is to simply call them garage rock.   They have the sound of a band that you’d expect to see playing in a dimly lit bar, spitting beer on people while more or less trashing the already trashed place.    At times they remind me of Iggy Pop and The Priests in terms of their overall musical attitude.

            For the most part their songs are rocking.   “Let’s All Go to the Bar” has anathematic vocals with group singing in the background that takes me back to the days of River City Rebels, though I’m sure you probably have some other oi punk band in mind.  By [track 5] they slow it down a little bit and [track 6] makes me think of a Two Gallants song. 

                While this music translates really well coming out of my speakers, like a rawer version of The Hold Steady, I also would really see this playing out well live.   Sure, it might come out a little bit sloppy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.    So long as no one gets lime disease, I welcome Deer Tick into my musical fold.   But seriously, lime disease is no laughing matter.  
                If you want to listen to a band that will spit beer in your face then this is for you.

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