Friday, April 27, 2012

CD REVIEW: Bush “Sea of Memories” (Entertainment One Music)

Bush “Sea of Memories” (Entertainment One Music)
                I’m not going to bother looking up exactly who did and did not return for this album, from the original lineup.    I will confess though that back when “Everything Zen” came out I played it like it was the new Nirvana.   I liked the radio songs all right, but the songs not on the radio were so much better.
                We fast forward to “Razorblade Suitcase”, an album I also really enjoyed.   It was like Bush went to the moon or something because they just got this out of this world sound from somewhere.
                I know there has been music between then and now from the band as Gavin Rossdale as a solo act, but I realize that every time music comes out from Bush it seems to be an evolution of what was previously heard.   So it makes me kind of less skeptical of this album because I don’t expect every song to sound like something off of “Everything Zen”.   Though a nice surprise is that there is a song or two that sound like they could be from a time that I can now probably call “way back then”.
                Ultimately this has the voice of Gavin Rossdale to back it up and if you like that you will like this.   One day maybe we can have a Gwen Stefani-Gavin Rossdale album kind of like Johnny Cash and June Carter did.   Right?   There’d be money in that.

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