Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cassette Review //
EP 3
(Custom Made Music) //

"EP 3" is collection of four songs which all carry the same general tone but somehow are also able to explore their own themes.    The first song, for example, "Can't Do Much Better", is about knowing that you've found that one you were meant to be with and lost them.    I particularly enjoy the lyrics on this one because it reminds me of Nerf Herder in the way that it can just get so specific. 
Musically, I take the whole synthpop vibe back to Schatzi and often times wonder whether or not there is a more universally known band that I should be referencing but who cares.   There are pieces of this which make me think of the 1980's/1990's synth rock, which makes me glad this is on cassette, and yet at the same time it has a modern feel to it as well, such as The Killers.

Somehow, within these electric songs (And electric is great way to describe them) I am often reminded of a band I listen to mostly on the acoustic side and that is Violent Femmes.   Townes has that similar raw energy but without the acoustic guitar.   I think if Townes played these songs acoustic it could be like Violent Femmes and yet at times this can just as easily remind me of AWOLNATION.

"We played a show tonight, baby / but no one was there" is a lyric found in the song "Tambourine", which I think a lot of other artists can relate to these days.   Why don't people want to go out anymore?  Is it that there is just too much music being offered now because of how easily accessible it is so it feels too overwhelming?  I don't know, but the song "Tambourine" says if you have to play the tambourine and I don't hear one in any of these songs.   Still, you'll have these four songs on repeat and they will also leave you wanting more, the way that music should.

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