Wednesday, June 13, 2018

CD Review //
Whisper Suite
"Love Notes"
(Custom Made Music)

When I first begin listening to "Love Notes" I hear Bush.  It's not just in the music itself, but it's in the vocals a little bit too.   There are enough albums by Bush though that I feel like it's strange to think of them as a genre where different albums can create different sounds, so with Whisper Suite specifically I'm hearing more of that "Razorblade Suitcase" era of Bush on here.    Though that isn't without saying that the blend of post rock and alternative rock that Whipser Suite crafts isn't a bit like Sherwood either, which is a different type of band than Bush as well.

By "Give It All To You" I can hear some of Time Spent Driving and it comes out in the lines "Enough is all I got / I'd give it all to you".   I think it's important to notice that this sounds like bands I listened to in the early '00's but a) don't believe are around anymore (Though I think Sherwood might have made a comeback recently?) and b) other bands just don't really sound like them either, so it puts Whisper Suite in this genre not only all their own in a way, right now, but also it's just something that I feel like is greatly needed in this day and age of music.

As it grows dreamier it can also get darker.   "Tough Love" ends with these synth keys that make me want to call it darkwave and they also highlight the overall feelings of The Cure that I get from this CD as well.    "Broken Runaway" has the great lines of: "Better days are a thing of the past now / Serenade me with music that's so loud" and as we get into that and up until the end- even with the song "Home"- I begin to hear a lot of Blue October in these songs.   And yet, Blue October is another band that doesn't have a definitive genre or sound (much like Bush) but I can't specify where these songs land either because it's mostly like the albums which came after "Foiled" but there's a little bit of that older, pre-"Foiled" Blue October sound to this as well.

"Loves Notes" concludes with a shorter, instrumental song called "Miracles", just to kind of prove that Whisper Suite can do it all.   My theory about rock music has never held so true as it does with Whisper Suite-- a band capable of pulling from various influences to combine and form their own sound.    When you first listen to "Love Notes" you can pick out pieces and go, "Yeah, that part sounds like this other band", but the more you listen to it, the more difficult it becomes to hear those comparisons because all you start hearing are the sounds of Whisper Suite.

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