Monday, June 25, 2018

Cassette Review //
The Marx Trukker
"Ease Of The Bough"

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What begins with some slightly crackling static adds in some beeps and other space laser type sounds.   There is this in and out sound to them that beeps in twos and for a moment, the first time I listened to this, a car alarm outside sang along with it which was kind of cool.   It feels like different frequencies in space are expanding and collapsing all while this static comes through as well, as if the transmission is not as clean because of the great distance these sounds have traveled.

Beeps exchange back and forth as well, as if this does go into some video game sounds as well.   A tone which could be a saxophone come blaring through now with this electronic type of breathing device.   As this song calms the next begins with whirrs and beats which have a minimal electronics vibe going on.    There is an almost carousel feel to this as we go in a circle and then these beeps come through which definitely begin to make me think of an old Atari game.

A little bit of scratching seems to exist within this video game which literally could be some form of game being played.    The beeps sometimes feel so definite, so final.     The whirrs begin to feel as if we're changing frequencies and then the second track ends.   We move into our third and final track on Side A with the same static idea coming through but now it sounds as if a rusty old acoustic guitar is strumming chords while trying not to break.   Faint signs of coughing and someone perhaps singing join in as well.

Whirrs begin to come through with everything else going on and it also sounds as if a record is being scratched.   Tones like church bells come in now and all of these different ideas just seem to be looping, layered on top of one another.   There is a more defined electronic sound to it now, which is odd given that those strums of that acoustic guitar still remain.   How can it take on its most electronic form while acoustic guitar chords are still coming out is one of the best reasons to listen to this cassette.

On the flip side we open with blissed out tones and beats.   There is a chillwave element to this as it makes me feel like I am floating on clouds.    The paces increases and what sound like they could be tones out of an arcade pinball machine begin to come in now as well.   There is somewhat of that Make Up and Vanity Set feel to this song as well.    I like how fast the beat can become on this song but it still somehow maintains that feeling like if you are not in the arcade to play pinball then you are definitely there to play sort of arcade game.   

The way this song builds and grows I can just imagine some video to accompany it, with 8bit animation (maybe 24) and it's just this car driving around, picking up other people and dropping them off.    For some reason I am reminded of that old Nintendo game Paperboy.   The next song gets quieter, slower as this ambient sound comes through with clicks and squeaky beeps.   Pianos follow and this is more of that layering that was on Side A- start with a few sound patterns and then build upon them.   

Laser shots are fired in succession and this piano just gives off the vibes like we are floating in water.    It can also feel like some sort of alien beeping symphony, but the piano gives it an overall relaxing vibe for sure.      Steady beats bring us what sound like a flute now coming through as well.   It is not common to hear these beats paced as such with this feeling of hollow glass tones but I like that it has a faster pace to it than most of the times I recall hearing a similar flute idea in the past.  

I'm not entirely certain why but between the tapping beats and flutes which also feel like Casio keys are coming in with them, this particular song makes me want to go hiking.     This brings the cassette to a close and it's kind of neat how you can go from thinking to space to the water, from an arcade to the outdoors.   Though the pacing is fast it's not that fast so mostly it's just chill.   On top of that the different pieces of music layer upon each other and it's just something everyone should experience because of that build and then release.

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