Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cassette Review //
"Urpunkt" (Luce Sia)

€8 //
Edition of 60 //

Space synth which can also sound like Transformers begin this cassette.   It has a somewhat eerie feeling, like we're up in space working on some station and could be attacked by aliens at any time.   Bells come in and they sound like glass.   There is some shakers now as well, as if the pace has changed to running.   It feels like someone is running through the woods, but we still have that in space eerie vibe overall.    The glass comes through in a ringing way.    There is also this build, which has a definite space feel to it through these deep, dark whirrs.

Though it can sound like there are chimes, it also sounds ghostly.    It takes on this droning/ambient idea, like in a boiler room, behind the scrapes of glass bottles.    Drumming now begins to create this beat which feels so intense, the pace is picking up and whether we are running away from someone or working towards something it just feels so urgent.    A slow release of air like a hiss comes out during this and though the drums seem to be moving at their own pace they help to guide everything in the same direction.    Crystals crash and hums skip through in pieces.   

As the drums fade this reaches a place where you might not want to go in person if I were to describe it to you-- somewhere in the sewers with rats and gas.    Lasers come through softly now and I'm not sure what is happening other than that it is rather mechanical in its nature and it feels almost as if something is being sent into this area- like a sewer- in an attempt to destroy everything in its path.  Imagine the way a light shines when using a copier only that light is now a laser beam destroying everything in its wake and this is being done through this hollow, dark and partially wet setting.  

We turn into a more uplifting sound now, complete with what sound like insects and birds making all the noises you would in the morning when the dew is freshly on the grass.   It is time for whatever is left alive to start its day, to begin anew and attempt to rebuild what was taken away.     This then all breaks down into quieter beeps and bloops like some form of minimal robotics.   Could this be the future that Wall-E warned us about only in a non-Disney manner?

On the flip side we start with these eerie whooshes and sounds like a metal detector.  This has a strong alien feel to it while remaining ambient and drone.    Tapping, it feels like something with a reel of tape like how they show movies has reached its end or perhaps a flat tire.   Regardless, this has all of the makings of an alien movie which kind of scary but also innocent, like "E.T." and "Super 8".    It winds down that dirt road and at times the sharpness might be too much for some ears to take.

A back and forth like bongos comes out next.   While there is a distinct feeling like "Knight Rider", it also feels like it could take place in a jungle which just puzzles me because I don't imagine high speed car chase scenes through all those trees.    It's these little taps that dig through the drone and then some sounds also come through which make it sound like someone is talking but I think it's really more of just a buzz or hum.   

Have you ever seen one of those things you roll between your hands and the balls on the strings hit the small drum head and make sounds?  I'm not sure what it's called and I'm not going to look it up either, but it sounds like something of that nature is being played in slow motion.   Wild sounds come out, quieter primal needs, and then there is the definite sound of footsteps.    Sonic space whirrs now and it feels like someone is talking in the background.

There is this sound like a saxophone now, only it doesn't sound like it's being played at first as much as it's off in the distance as if you would hear it on tv.   It does eventually come out though as if it is being played organically but it might just be an increase in the television volume.   These trippy drones breathe in and out.    Back and forth tones bring on a feeling of suspense, like a Hitchcock movie with robots.  Oh, if Hitchcock had only lived to give us a movie about androids and AI.    If he had been, it seems only fitting En-Dome would have been able to craft the score. 

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