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The Return Of Swamp Thing
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Swamp Thing is one of my favorite DC characters.   Think about it, here is this monster (who is really just the protector of plants) who has had a television series, movies and even comics written by the great Alan Moore about him.    Within the last two months, I purchased an action figure of Swamp Thing as part of the DC Imaginext line for my son, which is pretty awesome as well.    I also most recently watched this animated film called "Justice League Dark" because it has, you guessed it, Swamp Thing in it (along with John Constantine)

See, the thing with comic books for me is that of the two biggest publishers- Marvel and DC- my favorite characters have always been the lesser known ones.   It's not been Superman, Batman, even The Flash and Justice League characters in general but in a broad sense.   Give me Vigilante.   Give me Question.  Give me Steppenwolf (but in a classic sense, not the 2017 movie version)  And, of course, give me Swamp Thing.

What I like about Swamp Thing in all his forms- television, movies, comic books- is that he's always kind of held up, he's withstood that test of time.   When you watch something like "Man of Steel" and compare it with the original Christopher Reeves versions of "Superman" you can tell the difference technology makes.    It's not that one is better than the other (Though I prefer Christopher Reeves) so much as you can see the movies evolve and in that sense the characters evolve. 

If Swamp Thing was brought back in a live action way in 2018, I don't see how they could really evolve him in a similar way.   That is to say, outside of some of the wardrobe choices this movie still holds up some thirty years later.   The way Swamp Thing looks is still great to me.   And, let's be fair, if Swamp Thing was to return to the big screen any time soon there is a good chance he would be CGI and DC would find a way to ruin it like they ruin most all their live action movies (Justice League (2017) is hands down one of the single worst movies I have ever seen)

There are unintentionally funny moments in this movie- certain lines are overacted ("You're a rude girl!", "I hate California!") and so they stand out in that sense.   In one scene with two children looking at dirty magazines the one kid tells the other to check out an issue of "Big & Busty" and when the kid exclaims how great the woman they're talking about is he's actually holding a magazine called "Young & Easy", but whatever.    In some ways, I'm kind of surprised DC didn't try and throw Swamp Thing into their "Suicide Squad" movie to test the waters with him, if you will, but I guess Killer Croc was enough.

I was hoping in my "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" review that we might see other movies in that series given the MVD Rewind treatment.    I hope that this being the sequel to "Swamp Thing" doesn't prevent that movie from being in the MVD Rewind series and, yes, I would like to see the television series on Blu Ray one day as well.    [Please Note: There is a Blu Ray release for "Swamp Thing" (1982), I realize this, and I think that might prevent it from being in the MVD Rewind series so please don't email me links thanks]

One of if not the truest and best way to tell the quality of a movie is how well it withstands the test of time.   "The Return Of Swamp Thing" is a movie that, watching it again all these years later on this special Blu-Ray as part of the MVD Rewind collection, just makes me feel like it is simply perfect.   You could update the wardrobe, the actors involve, the language to an extent, sure, but outside of that I don't think a modern live action movie needs to be made for Swamp Thing because even if DC was putting out quality movies it would be difficult for them to top this.

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